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LIMITED TIME OFFER: 4 BURGERS FOR THE PRICE OF 1 ONLY 200 BIRR for 4 ready to cook VEGAN or Beef (341birr) burger patties incredibly packaged and can be easily cooked in the comfort of your home however you like in 7 minutes! Amsale's strives to provide customers with products that make eating at home a simple, enjoyable experience. However, we believe that convenience should never mean compromising on taste or health! All our products are made with the best ingredients on the market and contain no additives or preservatives. Our frozen patties come ready to cook so you can enjoy great burgers at home. Our frozen Beef Patties are made with great quality beef and our Vegan Patties (made with cooked teff, red beans, and a mix of herbs and spices) offer a delicious, nutritious alternative to a standard beef burger. Finally, our new product, the 1 kilo authentic Tiramisu, is made with real Mascarpone cheese and rich whipped cream, making serving up dessert at home simple, easy and most importantly, delicious!

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