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Want to eat out but don't want to go out? Check out restaurants near you and order exactly what you're looking for.

Delivery & Pricing

Delivery (0-3 km)

0-3 KM

110 ETB

Delivery (3-6 km)

3-6 KM

130 ETB

Delivery (6-9 km)

6-9 KM

160 ETB

Delivery (6-9 km)

9-12 KM


Once we have your order, we'll contact the restaurant and send a driver. We aim to deliver in an hour or less but please be patient if you order during peak hours.

Each order can contain up to eight items so ordering with friends or colleagues is encouraged! If you'd like to order more than eight items, you can place additional orders.

Deliveries are priced depending on your distance from the restaurant. Once you've logged in and saved your location, you'll be able to see which restaurants you can order from or click on "See restaurants near you" above.

How it works

Select a restaurant

Once you login and set your location, you'll be able to see all the restaurants around you within your delivery range. Pick a restaurant from the map to see their opening hours, learn more, and see their menu.

Browse their menu

Once you've selected the restaurant you'd like to order from, take a look at their menu to figure out what you'd like to eat. Place your choices in your basket, tell us how many you'd like to order, and place your order!?

Place your order

Once you have all your choices in your cart, click on "Place your order" and you'll receive an e-mail or SMS confirmation of your order. Sit back and relax and we'll work to get it delivered to your door in an hour or less*